Sunday, November 05, 2006


Just back from a weekend at Long Beach, Vancouver Island. Next landfall: Japan.

A couple of years ago I realised that the thing I loved to do most in the world was - uh hum Quiet in the back there! – body surf. And made a sort of vow to do it at least once a year.

Long Beach this time was a sudden surprise. We were meant to be somewhere else. So I hired the suit and took to the waves. Bit choppy, no huge runs. Rains lashing down. But just to be in that water! Its why I love just using the body. You are in the wave, not on top of it. To quote Braveheart: Freeeeeedommmm!

Don’t think I thought about ‘Ragnarok’ for a week. Can’t wait to read it through tomorrow.


Blogger melrose plant said...

Do you know what just dawned on me ? Now that you live in Canada, your next book will probably qualify for the Red Maple Awards !! ( my whole life has been the RMA this past month; organizing for schools and so on and so forth). Ohhhh! we must work on getting the Canadian Library Association to gobble up Fetch #2. That could boost sales tenfold !! ( well, maybe not tenfold, but it could certainly help ) off to try and find a job with the CLA .....

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