Monday, February 05, 2007


Appalling time lapses, I know. Still, here I am, ever apologetic. Wish I could blame it on brain overload.
Actually, I think I will! My brain is overloading. I am in that hell-land just before starting to write the first draft of a novel when I am convinced that a) I can’t write b) if I ever could, I’ve forgotten how its done and c) why, oh why, did I allow agents and editors to talk me into this ridiculous venture?
I am fairly sure I always think this for a while. Trouble is, it feels new each time. I then lurch between a fanatical desire to just start writing any old bollocks just to commit myself to paper, and the equally pressing urge to…er, not. Not ever. Certainly not tomorrow, or even this week, month, season…
Today I excused myself hard labour by the pressing need to get a sense of Dracula as presented on film. So I rented Bram Stoker’s Dracula, as perceived by Francis Ford Coppola. Some wonderful moments, some shockers. What was Keanu Reeves on? How was Gary Oldman so brilliant, sexy and horrible all at once?
Another pressure I am putting on myself – make my Vlad sexy. But how do I meld one of history’s great slaughterers with sex appeal? I am sure it can be done. Can’t it?
Now, if only I could remember how to begin a bloody novel!


Blogger melrose plant said...

what I thought of Bram Stoker's Dracula a la Keanu ( ick! )

5:02 PM  
Blogger simon scarrow said...

Hiya Chris
I share your grief at the prospect of a new project. Literally just finished 8 months work on the next Rev book and have to get my mind around writing a new Roman book to hand in in three months time. Bollocks...
The Dracula project sounds brilliant, and it would be so nice to see someone's take on the originator of the funeral parlour usher of the modern vampire. Should be plenty of good material you can bung in on religious clashes that have a contemporary echo.
Hope that Canada is working out well, though Alex and I miss having you here in the UK.
Meanwhile, any idea when I can get the fetch in the UK?

2:04 AM  

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