Friday, July 27, 2007


Yes, still here. Been busy impaling people, hence the lack of blog. It really is a messy business and seeing as this is the first draft I am probably putting in an excess of detail. Further drafts shall probably see it reduced. I mean, how many impalings does one wish to hear about? (Quiet in the back there!)

I have been writing like one possessed. All long hand, the first time I’ve done that. I am usually up at 6.30 a.m. and writing by 7.15. Then its straight through till 1, with a swift lunch and some more writing till 3 ish. For those who have written, you’ll know that, when you are making it all up, that’s quite the go. For those who haven’t… try it sometime. I also don’t labour, Hemingway like, over a sentence, declare my day’s work done after a few mots juste and a bottle of Pouilly Fume. I bang it out. This draft, more than any before, has taught me perseverance. I bite my lip, ignore my ineptitude, and keep going.

In three weeks or so I am going to have a very rough first draft. I feel the rewrite will be more complex than ever before. But I broke this week to copy edit the final version of ‘Possession’ - Book Three of the Runestone Saga. I have completed a saga.

What’s a little impalement after that?


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