Thursday, April 12, 2007


I used to say, when I was writing plays, (as I hope to do again), that a play is never finished, its abandoned. (I may well have stolen that quote!)

It’s the same with novels. There’s always something else to add, polish, change. A different word, metaphor. An excessive adverb cut out. A misprunt. Occasionally whole plot lines! (The proof nightmare!)

Having said all that, I finished the final draft of my third Runestone Saga novel today. My editor’s brilliant notes as usual inspired me to improve. I rewrote a fair bit – the whole last chapter for example. Oh, and I have bowed to wiser heads who think that the title ‘Ragnarok’ will make people think its about the Norse Gods (which it is but only peripherally) (By the way, have you noticed I am using brackets quite a lot?).

So, you heard it here first, a blog exclusive. The new book will be called…


Yes, I know there’s the AS Byatt book. But its years old and a very different genre. Plus, titles reoccur. (I notice my Canadian publisher has brought out a contemporary novel entitled ‘Blood Ties’ – my second novel.) (Damn! Another bracket!)

So, tweaks and polish aside, the novel is done. I will read it over the next few days then send it off. I have cleared my decks. Wednesday I leave for Bucharest via London – and a whole new literary mountain to climb – Vlad the Impaler!

(On what date will I abandon him?)


Blogger Camille said...

My entling will be happy to know about this. They did not have an ARC of 'Vendetta' at the conference. She eagerly awaits its release.

3:45 PM  

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