Tuesday, March 06, 2007


Just to say - I've relieved myself of the responsibility of writing Vlad right now. Got up to page 50 of a very rough draft and that's fine. I am getting the manuscript of 'Ragnarok' back next week, so I will have plenty to work on. Plus I have to come up with the ideas for my Masterclass in Halifax on the 31st March. I am also teasing out an idea about another Teen novel, since my editor at Knopf mentioned she wanted to know what I am going to write for her next. Hooray!
No, I keep getting this strange feeling that Vlad will really come to me in his homeland. I have started booking places to stay in Romania; a car; making plans. I am heading straight for his ruined castle. Not the one touted as Dracula's Castle at Bran which, supposedly, he barely visited, but the one at Poenari that he forced his father's and brother's murderers to build. Where his wife hurled herself from the battlements rather than let the Turks take her.
Think I might pick up some vibes there. 1400 steps up, apparently. My knees feel it already.


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does this mean that jack is coming back?

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